Gauguin in Tahiti – Paradise Lost / Art Beats Series


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Gauguin in Tahiti – Paradise Lost

Length: 87’

directed by: Claudio Poli
story: Marco Goldin, Matteo Moneta
screenplay: Matteo Moneta
soundtrack: Remo Anzovino

Category: Art Documentary
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In 1891 Gauguin leaves Marseille for the Pacific. It’s the beginning of a journey towards the essence of life and art, that will make him one of the greatest modern painters. Gauguin in Tahiti. Paradise Lost will take us to French Polynesia, in Tahiti and Marquesas Islands – to experience the landscapes that inspired him, amongst the locals whom he loved, on the trail of a story that has become myth. In the places where he built houses with bamboo and leaves, discovered light and colours which changed his painting forever, of the sensuality free of inhibitions of the indigenous girls. The documentary will also bring us to Paris, Bretagne, Edinburgh, and to the most prestigious art museums of the United States, where most of his masterpieces are preserved: The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York; The Art Institute of Chicago; The National Gallery of Art – Washington; The Museum of Fine Arts – Boston.


Theatrical rights are available for Gauguin in Tahiti – Paradise Lost until 30th of June 2020.